What Gave Sports Interaction these Complaints?

When we play our favorite casino games, we want the experience to be a great one. The needs of users can sometimes be demanding, so casinos need to be as thorough as possible to ensure that everything works. Some of them however, do not. We were sad to see that some services were missing the mark and had major holes that needed to be plugged up. For example, we've seen plenty of complaints for Sports Interaction. This is an online casino focusing on sports betting where you can play by opening an account. If you want to close it however, that's where the problem comes in. One kind of issue was the processes of closed accounts, and how they won't let you do it!

Why Are Closed Accounts So Important

Sports Interaction has complaints because of the fact that instead of letting you open and close an account whenever you wish, you aren't able to close one. Instead, they will just keep your account open and keep your financial information with them at all times. This means that if you want to quit, your information will be stored on their site, and you can't remove it. This is a massive problem that people have, and for good reason.

Users find it too complicated to simply get closed accounts, and that's an issue if you want to quit betting or if your financial information is compromised. The temptation to log back in is always going to be there and if your account information is stolen, someone could easily log in whenever you're not looking. This means people can play with and steal your hard earned money. You might want to consider looking into all of Sports Interaction's complaints before you log in with them for the first time, because there's no guarantee this won't happen with you. Some users found it impossible to have closed accounts on their own and found that extremely worrisome. We think these complaints for Sports Interaction are very serious.

Closed accounts are important because they cannot only prevent others from accessing your financial information, but you keep you safe from yourself too. If you're someone who wants to quit gambling, it should be easy to deactivate your page and never look back. Now, since accounts are always open, there's always going to be something that keeps you tethered to the service, making it hard to let go. It's not enough to have accounts dormant, some need closed accounts for good. Users made several complaints at Sports Interaction for this very purpose, because taking that choice out of their hands is not a good way to do business at all. That's like forcing customers to stay with them even though they made it clear that it was something they did not want to do for whatever reason. We believe everyone has the right to closed accounts if they so choose.

Why Users Need This Feature

Sports Interaction has complaints they would do well to look at. On their customer service page, they state "Your account can simply remain as is until you wish to use it. Due to our license agreement, we cannot actually remove your details from our system, as we are required to keep a record of financial transactions," however, this is a big problem. Other casinos offer closed accounts, why not them? Users wouldn't have complaints if Sports Interaction simply just offered a way to keep accounts deactivated for good. After all, the company agreed to the license agreement, not the players, so why are the players the ones getting disadvantaged? It doesn't make sense to us, especially when you consider how so many other casino services let you do it without any hassle.

If you had complaints with Sports Interaction, be sure to let everyone know, after all it would be a shame if more users signed on, unaware of this problem. We can't condone this service without the option for closed accounts and we hope users read all the fine print before they log in, so that they know if they sign up, they won't be able to leave. That's not something we wish on anyone, so we think players would be best off just staying clear, as unfortunate as that sounds. Sports Interaction has complaints that new users definitely don't like finding out about, so we recommend always doing thorough research before signing up for any new platform.

We hope the complaints at Sports Interaction will be no more in as short a time as possible. We believe players are owed that much at the very least. Just think about it, you log into this service for the first time, and you decide to try it for a while but you don't get with it very much. You decide to move on to another one, but you discover that you can't deactivate your account! Now no matter what you do, your financial information is sitting there forever, and even if you decide to never go back, your info stays with them.

Why This Casino Needs to Add It

Sports Interaction addressing complaints should take a good amount of time and attention, because that is what players deserve. There's nothing more frustrating than leaving feedback and getting that feedback ignored after all. We think that no matter how small or insignificant the issue seems, it deserves a look and needs to be reviewed by someone on the staff. When multiple people have the same issue however, then it becomes a major problem, and this is one good example. That means that not only are they aware of the problem, but they're not doing anything to resolve it, which is a huge point of contention. For the sake of all the players on the system who want their accounts deactivated, we can only hope a resolution is in active development. We understand that it might be complicated since so many users have stored financial information already, but it is something that needs to be addressed and implemented regardless. We believe the lack of options to get accounts that are closed is a big deal that cannot be justified, and if they want to be a successful platform for people who want to just play games, then they can't waste a second longer and need to deliver an easy method to wipe a players data away.

It's a huge disservice not to let closed accounts be an option, but we believe there is hope. No doubt, once Sports Interaction addresses their negative feedback, they'll have everything sorted out and we can recommend users going back with them then. Simply getting closed accounts should not be as big an issue, therefore, we hope that they take a look and implement an option on their service. Users are only asking for one thing, and it's something they deserve, so it's the casino's job to provide it for them, no questions asked. We want every casino service to succeed and be a place where users can gather around and have fun without risk or worry. Of course generous no deposit sign up bonuses always help, but adding this feature is such a big deal, because it's the only thing stopping this platform from becoming one of the better ones out there. Hopefully, they let us have closed accounts soon, so everyone can play without worry.